The blue-time is the secret hour between 12:00 and 12:01 that Midnighters can experience. To most people, the blue-time happens in one second. Darklings created the blue-time to evade humans after humans developed technology. The blue-time only occurs in Bixby, Oklahoma and certain other places on the planet that are unnamed.

By the end of Blue Noon, the blue-time expanded quite a bit further than Bixby, and it's total coverage is still unknown.


Main article: Midnighters

Midnighters can experience the blue-time, also known as Midnight. Midnighters have talents in the blue-time that is different from other humans. Examples of talents are seer, polymath, mindcaster, acrobat, and the newest addition, flame-bringer.


Darklings originally created the blue-time to escape from humans. For eons, darklings hunted humans for food, but the humans created technology to protect themselves, and eventually hunted the darklings.


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