Jessica Day is the newest of the Midnighters in Bixby, Oklahoma, and she has the power of flame-bringer, which means that she can use technology in the blue-time (the secret hour), unlike the other Midnighters. This ability makes her a valuable addition to the team and she becomes a very powerful opponent to the darklings and slithers.

Appearance Edit

Jessica has red hair and bright green eyes, she is the only member of the Midnighters who isn't affected by the daylight and she is told by many of the team that her "eyes are wrong."

Before the BooksEdit

Jessica lived in Chicago with her parents and her sister Beth, until her mother was requested to work and live in Bixby, Oklahoma.

Jessica was born at midnight, causing her to have the supernatural ability to exist in the secret hour.

The Secret HourEdit

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When Jessica moved to Bixby, Oklahoma at the age of 15, and her mother is employed at a high-tech aerospace company. She soon realizes that she has the gift of being able to exist in a hidden 25th hour of the day that, for the rest of the world, is a split second in time.

At first, Jessica was not sure what her power was. Dess was a polymath, Melissa was a mindcaster, Rex was a seer, and Jonathan Martinez was an acrobat, which are all historic powers held by previous midnighters. Still, the Darklings and Slithers were more nervous and keen on killing Jessica than around the others.

Jessica meets Jonathan, who can ignore a portion of gravity during Midnight, so they fly. He claims he is faster than any Darkling, but is thoroughly surprised when they meet a Flying Slither. Using an under construction building in Aerospace Oklahoma, Jessica kills the Flying Slithers.

After a bunch of convincing, Jessica visited the snake pit with the other Midnighters. She found her power with extremely good timing, and used her flashlight in the blue time to burn the invading tarantula slithers. Her power made the other Midnighters feel much safer and there was a buzz of excitement of how far Jessica could extend her powers.

Touching Darkness Edit

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Blue Noon Edit

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